Monday, April 14, 2014

Untitled and Complicated

Below are the results for my documented project of this "Arena of exchange".

the process was simple: I went to the rooms of these 7 friends right before they go to bed, they were wearing what they wear to sleep and no pictures were posed, they were in their most natural pose.

I figured that there is nothing more "everyday" than sleep, we close and open our eyes, and than passage of 7/8 hours in the darkness is the time that everyone become unarmed, relaxed, no-make up, no strings attached, that is the time when everyone is really being himself. So that is why I picked this unpretentious moment in the first place.

All of them are aware of my presence and me taking photos, but not the rose. So after they all lied down and closed their eyes ready for sleep, I secretly took out the rose and put it besides them.The lightening was pretty awful in these student dorms,the original pictures are very yellow. So that is where I most put efforts in when editing.

One might ask, why rose? I think the subtext is quite obvious, seriously, have roses ever meant something else? like ever?

So the real interaction between me and them, between daily world and art, in the arena of exchange that is described by Bourriaud, is not these moments that got captured here, but the moment after I left or the next morning when they wake up and found the rose. These pictures are merely the process before the real interaction.

I do not want to start to really elaborate on this whole project and the big concept because it got kinda trite already. Being a senior who is leaving this place, school and country soon, I would say there is more sentiment than ever, and all these faces and memories are all I shall bring with me to the next chapter of life.

for the full album on flickr, click here!

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