Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Live it or not ?

               When first reading Wisconsin Death Trip, I thought that is it a photo book about people who are dying, I thought of it as a sad, negative, depressing black and white photo series. But after reading through it a couple of more times I realized it's actually about positive things in life, it is elusive and hard to convey in words, whomever's reading, check this book out!!

               So I went with this idea of contrasting with the book in a visual way, but conforming with the real idea of  the photo series underneath, by making this video. When I was in Pere Lachaise cemetery,  the graveyard of many famous people in the city of Paris, I did not feel scared as I thought I would. It was a nice sunny day,  Pere Lachaise was quite and tranquil, I could hear the birds singing.  And I saw these flowers people put on the headstones of people they love, respect or admire. I, too, brought some flowers to Chopin's headstone.  So the idea of presenting a colorful video of how all these people that were so famous were lying in the same yard after the died, in response to the Wisconsin Death Trip of Black-and-white portraying of normal people who stand in front of their houses when they were still alive, came to me. I think in every way possible these two themes blend together nicely, at least this is what I feel about it.
               Life and Death, live or die, same? different? how? and why? And for all of us who are thinking about these questions, I couldn't help but wonder, what should we do? After all, times passes, people change, dream fades, in the limited time of our lives, do we wanna live it or not?

A response to Evan Baden

       Last night the Lawrence Photography club welcomed this young, successful photographer Evan Baden to give a lecture to the Lawrence studio art community. I found the lecture really enjoyable, and even though I share differenct approaches and themes in terms of photo taking with our visiting artist, he was absolutely a blast!
       I am most drawn to his first series of photos, which according to him was shot when he was in graduate school. These bunch of pictures showing young people isolating themselves by getting to into digital devices are more than what they look like.. He mentioned he used multiple types of lights, and tried to get the the most workable exposure with jmultiple light resources, I was especially  fasinated how he used the very old version of ipods as illuminator to light up the different small spots in each of the picture. I completely agree with Baden that lighting is, if not the most, one of the most critical element of taking any photos.

      I have always been into pictures of the natural and city, so how Baden approached the ideas of the disconncected generation, young people wanting to be in the spotlight, the sexual and non-sexual facet of the youth behaviors, and he presented them by using photography, is definitely groud-breaking for me. I truly enjoyed his honest and hilarious presentaion of his ideas through his photography.

Monday, March 4, 2013