Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tiny summer

I finally had made a website!!

The initial idea of doing the website is because I always wanted to do a website. Websites in general are very powerful media to present and share information, so that I decided to create a somewhat personal website, yet, to share some meaning things.

So I started build up the site using dreamweaver software, before I started I was collecting all resources and brand storming ideas. The website ended being in this soft, green, simple design. Through out the process I gradually familiarize myself with all sorts of HTML codes that I wouldn't know otherwise, it has been a rewarding project after all!

As for the content, I will be continutely editing and putting up material. As I have planned, I have four cartoonized characters to lead a story and I will be putting the updates in a short comic style. Hopefully that it will be up this summer.