Saturday, May 3, 2014

About Carol Emmons

     Carol Emmons was a hilarious person to listen to --- she definitely has a sense of humor.
However, the postcards she showed in the lecture were somewhat hard to look at for me. But her installation in the Wriston Art Gallery was different, the large scale installation was consisted of several parts, each part was distinct on its own yet all of them were harmonious in aspect of arousing the same sort of emotion, it leads me to think about the space around me, the relations I have in relation to objects and space.
I was particularly drawn to this reflective metal sphere-like object that was placed in the middle of the room. It was surrounded by all the other parts of her works, but unlike others that were placed mostly on the ground, this was up high, it allows us to see it as it is--and ourselves too, as we seeing it, from a quite special angle. I could definitely see the physiological narrative she embraced in her Art works, though subtly it works for me too. Last time I was looking at a sphere from this angle was in my winter astronomy class, 3am in the morning through the huge telescope they set up in front of Briggs Hall. And through the lens, on the other side, there were galaxies that were thousands of million light years away, and Saturn and its beautiful ring. And I have not recalled that experience for a while, until I was there looking at this.

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